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About Us

Jôko is a call centre that specializes in providing exceptional inbound and outbound calling services, virtual assistance, and customer service support to businesses across diverse industries

What We Do

Outbound calls:

This includes activities like gathering information, prospecting potential customers, and following up with existing ones.

Inbound Calls

Our team handles technical assistance, customer retention, and after-sales service through inbound calls.


We provide assistance and resolve customer queries through email communication.


Our team engages with customers in real-time through live chat, offering support and addressing their concerns.

  We provide professional interpretation services: To facilitate communication between individuals who speak French and English.


We firmly believe that every customer deserves to be assisted in their preferred language and to receive quality support.

We believe that service quality goes beyond problem-solving; it also involves providing a pleasant and personalized experience.


Our objective is to provide outstanding call centre  services that surpass expectations. Simultaneously, we are committed to improving our clients' business operations by delivering exceptional customer service.


  • To eliminate language barriers for smoother interactions.

  • To offer quality and efficient service to foster customer loyalty.

  • To significantly improve the experience of Francophone users in the call center industry.

Feel Free To Ask Anything

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