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Our Story


The idea of establishing a call centre providing services in French was inspired by the observations and experience of the founder, Fatou sallNdiaye. After over seven years of entrepreneurial and leadership experience, she had the opportunity to work as a quality assurance analyst in a call centre. During this experience, Fatou noticed a significant gap in customer service: French-speaking callers were not receiving the quality assistance they deserved.


Driven by her passion to offer exceptional customer support, Fatou embarked on a mission to create a call center that would primarily cater to the needs of the French-speaking users, with the aim of bridging this service gap. With her skills and leadership experience, she is well positioned to achieve this ambitious goal.


❖      At Jôko, we are committed to creating a culture of excellence where every agent is trained to provide warm, professional, and efficient assistance.


❖      We oversee the implementation of quality evaluation processes to ensure that agents meet the high standards of customer service set forth.


❖      We have also established monitoring and feedback systems to gather customer opinions and ensure that their voice is heard and taken into account.

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